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We are looking for a PHP developer which can implement the OpenID protocol into a PHP project. The demo installation is visible under this URL:

We have an own user database for the atudo project (car drivers club) and the idea is to connect the thirdparty project with this database. The external carpooling software request at the first login the username and email from our atudo database and stores this information in the user table of the carpooling software.

An english documentation for OpenID is available. You should understand the PHP/MySQL software of the carpooling software (we can send you the complete PHP code) and should have implemented OpenID authentications in other projects.

If this first step was successfully, we have a lot of changes we need to implement into the carpooling software.

Posted On: February 15, 2016 14:08 UTC
ID: 206962579
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Skills: MySQL Programming, OAuth
Country: Germany
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