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A survival/prepping website launching in the next month.


We’re seeking a long-term relationship with a blogger/writer who has a solid combination of writing and survival skills.

You don’t *need* to be a MacGyver-level survival expert. You only need to love the outdoors, DIY projects, survivalism, prepping, and the like.

The writing we’re interested in is witty, tight, grammatically correct, and authoritative. We want someone who knows (mostly) what they’re talking about and is capable of researching the rest.

The site will scale to encompass many different facets of survival. But, in this early phase, we’re looking to build a solid core of “Survival Basics” posts. Think:

– The Only 10 Tools You Need to Survive in the Wild
– 5 Ways to Purify Water
– How to Start a Fire Without a Spark


– A knack for recognizing “shareable” survival-related topics
– At least a basic “blogger’s level” understanding of WordPress – enough to navigate your way around the WP admin panel, upload photos, etc.
– Ability to research and source your own content and topics
– Timeliness – you must be able to consistently meet your deadline each week, without exception


$8 per 100 words. Most articles will be in the 800-1200 word range.

You will be paid monthly via PayPal at the end of each month.


We’re looking for someone to start immediately. Initially, we’ll need 3-5 posts per week.

How to apply

Email: newsurvival(at)gmx.com with the subject “Featured Blogger Position”

When applying, please keep it brief and include:

– Your blogging/writing experience (a few sentences)

– 3 examples of work (must have URLs to published work – we do not open attachments)

– Areas of interest/expertise

– 3 suggested “social media friendly” article topics

– Availability (how many posts can you commit to each week?)

– And share a little about yourself and why you’re a perfect fit for this job! (a few sentences)

Posted on: 02/23

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