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I need a 60s explanation video explaining our process of our start-up.

Here is the rough story line…

In a nutshell we are offering custom tailored eyewear frames that are based on standard designst hat are optimized and manufactured for each individual customer enabling an optimal fit.

If you follow this link you find more information about our system at our homepage:

The basis for our offering is our ready to wear collection. Currently we are offering six frame designs in seven colors. The optician first chooses the optimal design for the customer out oft he ready to wear collection. In case the ready to wear collection already fits perfectly, which can be easily the case since we have a design that is optimized based on hundreds of face scan, you can sell the fram as it is. In case the fit is not optimal, or the customer wants to have some personalization our custom tailoring process starts.

In a first step you scan the customers face with your ipad that has our 3D Scanner connected to it
You scan the customers face by using our app. This process takes about 30 seconds. Than you add the customers details, what model the customer wants, you choose the color and than add what personalization you want to have in the inside of the temple.

Video of our scanner

In a next step an optician of ours builds the individual version of the frame with professional 3D software that is usually used for skyscrapers. Our opticians optimizes the frame to ensure an optimal fit. We have a wide variety of factors that we can adapt in order to ensure an optimal fit.

– Size of the entire frame
– Change hight and width of nose bridge
– Angle, size and position of the nose pads
– Angle and inclination of center piece
– Angle of temples
– Length of temples
– Curving of temples

You can see all that in our video which you find here.

In a next step we manufacture each individual frame specifically for the customer by using an aditive manufacturing technology, laser sintering. We us polyamind as a material that is 30% lighter than acetat and signifcantly more durable. The frame is build in machines in professional industrial machines by building it up in many layers using a laser beam that melts polyamind powder. Once the frame is build, we use our custom developed finishing process where our frame is infiltrated with color and than sealed on a nano level. This ensures a perfect touch and feel.

Video of our production technology

Than we assemble the frame with our custom developed hinge which is screwed into the frame with 2 screws and has an inside flex mechanism. Once we have run a last quality control we send you the frame in 3-4 weeks depending on the shipping times from Germany

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