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this 6 months project , need some who can work at least 4hr daily

Go over the details and answer all the questions before responding , we cancelled the first post due to many bids with no knowledge , please provide similar samples .


using the PHP7  , pdo  and prepared statements and  jason .

DB already built with all sql statements
The service will function in a similar manner to existing services such as:

However, no android or iphone application will be needed, this will be entirely web based on the platform / language you're most adept and comfortable with.

you will be using this template , WE already have a full responsive template


1) show proof n samples of similar work you have done, not pick sites n apps from marketplace and tell us you did them. We are only looking for projects you and your team did from scratch!

2) references of 3-5 clients of your most recent and successful projects

3) no fake profiles, if you are not who you are, do not pretend to be someone you are not. we have interviewed and found that people are pretending to be someone they are not with fakephotos, fake names, fake locations, fake offices. We are only looking for real and professional offices. Do not lie to us, we will find out and it will be waste of time.

4) realistic prices, do not over price because we have been buying and outsourcing work to many countries since 1997. If you are honest with us, real, and considerate, then we will be same

5) We are looking for teams that are open and consistent with communication. We expect updates n uploads of codes on daily basis onto github, so that our teams can audit the codes.

6) In order to award project, we will do an intensive phone interview, so we require that you or your project manager speak clear English to us, so that we do not have any miscommunication or misunderstanding of project scopes.

7) We also expect a detailed project proposal, detailing out milestones, payment schedules, and concrete time estimate deliverables.

8) We are looking to hire dedicated team for this long term project, because we will have continual upgrades and update work. So if you cannot focus on one project, then please do not bid

​What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?
Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?
Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project?

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