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Are you a skilled writer who is opinionated and well-informed in politics?

The Full Bird is looking for quality writers from both sides of the aisle willing to submit one article per month minimum and three headline links to news stories a day (this takes 10 minutes).

The site was started after we noticed the increasingly isolated dynamic of American news consumption. Those on the left will generally visit one set of sites and be aware of what is important to them, and those on the right will visit a completely separate set of sources who view a completely different set of stories as important.

The Full Bird remedies this by bringing both together in an easily-digestible format. No matter which side of the aisle one is on, they can see what is being discussed on both major streams of American political thought (and many nuanced divisions within each). Having a population that is aware of the concerns and views of the opposing side is key to improving the health of our political climate. We hope to be at least a part of that.

How to apply

If this project interests you, and you are a skilled writer, send me an email at right.fullbird@gmail.com with a resume, a writing sample, and a few sentences in the email body on what piqued your interest about The Full Bird.

This is not a paying position, but would be a great opportunity to exhibit one’s writing skills without a major time commitment. As the site gains traction, there will be potential compensation.

Posted on: 01/25

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