Create Access Database to track flow of product through production – Upwork

We are looking to track the flow of our Used inventory through production, where we refurbished it and turn it to a like new condition.  

We believe this can be done using Access.  

We’d like the Purchase Order # to be the main data point.  2nd would be the SKU.  Is there a way to make a page or tab by Purchase Order #?

We’d like the date/time of receipt to be noted.  The receiver would scan the products as they send it to a specific person or to overflow stock.    If sent to a person, that person would scan again to mark their start time and stop time, and then scan again to note they sent it on to the next person in the work flow.    In certain cases we handle the product more than once and we need to accommodate that.

We’d like to be able to do searches based on PO# and SKU.

We also use the Sage 100 (SQL version) and any data from the PO we can extract would be a bonus.

If you have done a similar project and have suggestions we are open to ideas and suggestions!

We have listed the job as hourly, though we prefer to pay a project price.

Posted On: August 31, 2017 23:02 UTC
ID: 211113171
Category: Admin Support > Data Entry
Skills: Microsoft Access Administration, SQL
Country: United States
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