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I am looking to build a database in Zoho that people can only access if they pay a subscription fee through my website.

I believe there would be X components to the project:

1. I need a database built to store the data that the subscribers would be paying to access. This would be a very simple database that showed a relationship between Contacts, Companies and Projects they were associated with. Each of the Project records would have approximately 10 fields and each Contact record would have approximately 5 fields and each of the Company records would have approximately 5 fields as well.
2. I would need a customer / subscriber management component.
3. I would need a “shopping cart” component where users could sign up to access the data in the database.
4. I would need a collection of pre-formatted reports built that the subscribers would be able to access along with a Search Tool so they could conduct their own queries.
5. I would need a form where users could manage their own contact / subscription information.
6. I would need a simple web store front where users could read about our information product offering and they could sign up for a subscription to access our information with a credit card.

Posted On: September 13, 2017 17:48 UTC
ID: 211208099
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Ecommerce Development
Skills: Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM
Country: United States
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