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I am looking for help in bringing a WordPress website up and would greatly appreciate your input.

Scott E. Fulmer


Type of Website Development Needed
• New Website
Project Details
I work in the auto industry and this will be a small venture that I will be managing on my own. I am currently hosted by ipage, …that will change. My jetpack keeps telling me the site is up, it’s down, it’s not loading or slow to load. I purchased a WordPress theme from mojo marketplace. I like it, just need to make it functional.

In the abstract,
1. The site is a database management site for sub-prime auto financing. visitors will be able to complete and submit “thorough” credit applications. The more information I have, the more ammunition I have when advocating for them with lenders.

Paralleling my intended web presence (but to a much lesser degree of what I want to accomplish) there exist a number of data mining (lead gathering) websites such as www.autocreditexpress.com and www.fundingway.com just to name a couple, whose sole function is to glean a modicum of information from folks looking for assistance and then pass it on to subscribing dealerships.

In contrast, what I’m looking to provide is a professional website that when people land on it, they quickly understand that this a serious website and services for folks needing serious and professional help. This is the essence of what I want to create. Initially, this website will be for my own use exclusively, but on a much grander and more informative scale than what others are providing.

I have created a credit application with Gravity Forms and it seems to be working well. There need to be a couple of auto responder emails for registration and receipt of completed applications. My concern is getting the data output in PDF form for the consumer’s use. In the case of Credit Application submissions, they are to “fail” and no record created if all required data is not entered.

2. They must be able to upload required, supporting documentation related to their record account. I believe that can be handled within Gravity Forms as well.

3. There will be a number of educational and information pages, including FAQ’s. I’m thinking that much of this might be incorporated into an interactive Blog.

3a. Within the information pages, I would like to incorporate a finance calculator modeled after a dealer’s DMS deal screen such as ADP or Reynolds and Reynolds with payment rolling features that can roll payment to Sale price, down payment, trade allowance, rate (APR), and term. Thus allowing customers to perform “what-if” scenarios on their own. I can provide you with iterations of these.

4. There will be a modicum of ecommerce. Barring a better mouse trap for this, I have loaded and activated the WooCommerce apps in the website. To date, the items I have in mind as sale/fee-paid are as follows.
a). Digital download of my Auto Finance Book: https://www.amazon.com/Cuff-em-Stuff-Scott-Fulmer/dp/1890549029
The book will be updated and I will create the pages for download.
b). Digital download of the accompanying software in the book, which will need to be reworked as it will only operate in Windows and only up to Windows XP.
c). digital download of .pdf documents to include
(i). Credit Application
(ii). Pre-Screen data forms including Residence history, Employment History, as well as References and Financial analysis forms/reports.
d). Membership allowing paid members to access additional data, information and personalized help.

It is my intention to bring the site live and do the Beta testing alongside my current endeavors here at the dealership. Once the site is tweaked and performing as I have envisioned there are some backend adds that I’d like to incorporate.

Project Deadline & Budget
I’m not in a huge hurry nor on any deadline to have this accomplished; I’ve only been working on this off and on for the last 20 years. That said however, It’s time to finally bring it live. This is just too important to me to have some nunyuk jack around with it and screw it up. I don’t have a fixed budget figure in mind. Thank you for your consideration.


Scott E. Fulmer
Internet Sales & Finance Manager

Tomball Auto group
22702 Hwy 249
Tomball, TX 77375
(832) 292-8767 Direct Cell

Posted On: September 13, 2017 22:33 UTC
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Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL Administration, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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