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RapidResist.org is scaling nationally to broaden our impact, support progressive organizers in red districts across the country, and furnish our volunteers in blue districts with a meaningful but accessible way to engage in the resistance movement.

To this end, it is time to store our data in a CRM that will be used internally by Rapid Resist.

We a seeking an experienced consultant to help implement a Salesforce CRM.  We will provide project management and business process design.  We are looking for an experienced consultant to assist us in implementing a CRM that will

automate a few of our existing processes
allow us to better target and analyze our data
flexibly create new automated business processes as we grow

Current State

Internal process is currently run via series of systems and files that need to be loaded into or integrated with the CRM.  The different key components of our system are:
Hustle: Our peer to peer texting system allows volunteers to sign up for “groups” and to text voters in “goals” (campaigns). We download information from Hustle manually on the results of our texting.
Volunteers: ~1,000, in one file with a few columns. Added by google form with columns updated by both google form and Hustle data. Volunteers are added to Hustle via a google form every time they want to join a campaign.
Voters: (and lists of voters): CSV’s, ~500,000 records with 2-40 columns in around 200 files. Most are in one of 3 formats, and another 20 files are in a wide variety of formats, each must have phone and first name at least. They are added individually by csv.
Partners: ~400 in 1 file with 3-4 columns, connected to campaigns and organizations. These partners submit details for campaigns via a google form.
Campaigns: Each time we text on behalf of a partner, results are generated showing which voters responded positively from Hustle. Campaigns have a “type”
Groups: Each location’s voter list is uploaded to a group or groups in Hustle. Currently each group can only hold 10,000 voters and 100 volunteers, so new groups are created when either reach the limit. In addition new groups are created for a location if the source is significantly different.
Campaign Results: Within Hustle, “Actions” and “Activated” files are currently exported for each campaign with information on which voters responded positively.

Scope of Project

The goal of the project is to configure the CRM system and load all operational data so that internal process moves to CRM.  Documentation of steps taken and any scripts taken will be important.

Phase 1 sub-phases/modules plan. We expect the consultant to build and test each of these functional models.

Pull all Hustle data into database twice a day from AWS and then into Salesforce for easy access. An S3 Bucket set up and then code written to organize and format before uploading to Salesforce

Salesforce syncs and de-dupes volunteer information our a google sign-up form and Hustle data
Sign-up form data must be cleaned since there are duplicates every time a volunteer signs up again and there are lots of errors
Volunteers information is attached to looker csv and from Hustle uploads
Newsletter sign-ups and volunteers not successful in texting are added to separate list

Salesforce stores our voter lists, creates a means of adding new lists, de-duping lists and searching among lists
One format of voter list, from Catalist should be automatically sync’d, with manual entry possible as well
Past voter lists from Target Smart and PDI must be re-formatted and imported so the fields are sync’d together
Eventually an API will allow us to add to Hustle but that will remain manual for now

Connect to campaigns from our tracking sheet (or a new process), report on campaigns and create xl’s of hustle data to be sent to organizers for each campaign

See below for our desired timeline.  If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Week of Sept 18 – Introductions, Additional Documentation & Prototyping
Week of Sept 25 – Test Data Upload, Modules 1 & 2
Week of Oct 2 –  Practice Process and Updates to Schema & Data Upload Process
October 2017 – Modules 3 and 4, Upload Remaining Data, Final Testing and Training (User & Admin)
By end of Oct 2017 – Full Cutover and Live Phase 1

Our fulltime staff will be directly involved in the project including administration, project management, requirement documentation and detailed work like some data upload.  Our Executive Director Yoni will lead the project with support.

We are searching for the following skills:
CRM Schema Design
CRM Configuration
Data Upload Automation/Scripting
Data Consistency Testing


Each proposal should include:
Summary of Experience
Overview of Approach
Pricing Proposal
Examples of Three Similar Projects (~50 to 100 words each)
References (name, email and phone number)
Availability (first date of work, timezone, work schedule  and hours per day)

Budget: $3500
Posted On: September 13, 2017 12:17 UTC
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Category: IT & Networking > ERP / CRM Software
Skills: Amazon S3, Business Process Reengineering, CRM, Database Design, Salesforce.com, Zapier
Country: United States
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