Alignment Program to Align a Hand Held sensor , with a  Hand/ Palm – Upwork

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I require a windows application to use a hand held device containing a camera and sensor and align the sensor  with a position on the hand of an individual. There are 4 alignment requirements for the face of the  sensor contained in the handheld device

1. It must be between 6-8cm from the palm
2. It must be focused on   2cm square area in the centre of the palm
3. It must be parallel to the palm
4  the centre axis of the sensor must align with middle finger of the palm

The program must guide the person holding the handheld device , which had a 6.5″ display , through the alignment process until all alignment requirements are met.

Once this is achieved an infrared image of the palm/hand is to be taken and stored

I will want guidance on what hardware would be required on the handheld device to achieve these alignment goals

Posted On: October 28, 2017 01:23 UTC
ID: 211572292
Category: Design & Creative > Animation
Skills: Graphic Design
Country: Australia
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