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Looking for an experienced wordpress developer/affiliate specialist to use an existing celebrity fashion blog as inspiration and idea framework for new Celebrity Blog for their fashion (note the blog is not the celebrities or anyway affiliated with that celebrity but it follows them). Can completely reuse about a third of product affiliates as there is less copyright risk there. In terms of social media Pininterest and Instagram are preferred as pinning existing photography and using insta photos provided you take and credit the other profile and you are careful with infringing any profiles that don’t want this (1% or so) then will be ok. Note, the Blogs themselves are not to be copied. Only the framework and especially the product affiliations to be set up including the membership for any of these affiliations. Note, only 33% roughly to be used however larger sections will not need that much reuse, its really some of the key fashions of that celebrity we are hoping to use.

Areas such as the basic about that celebrity and so forth we would want to gather ideas from and obviously there are other blogs and info from all over the internet that can be used for the rest of the framework. We just like this blog concept as something to draw off. So if you think of the framework minus the actual blogs you’ll see this isn’t a huge project but at the same time we do want the rest including social media integration, social media set up based on re-use of other material on the net, about the celebrity section, affiliate products section as mentioned which is based on that person’s style and photos found on the net for this blog (note obviously not all should be the same or reused hence the basic third usage) wider use of similiar fashion can also make this easier, there is wide use of affiliates but you can make this easier by reusing a few affiliates rather than needing a huge range but at least I think membership to half a dozen would be needed, basic headers from the style section will also act as inspiration e.g. work style, street, dining, etc. but these are fairly normal for fashion anyway I have sighted!

The Favorites and Shop section could be used with a similiar title with a higher reuse of affiliate products compared to the style section we can more easily be copied from a wide variety of sources. Note that meghansmirror with a dot com domain is the sample site for inspiration for a Meghan Markle site but only for the 33% or so product affiliates inspiration the rest we should source. Note, the number of affiliates overall only needs to be about 25%-33% of what is on that site as its obviously more mature our site will just start as a new blog mainly with the framework/headers ready and the product affiliates for shop and favorites. The style section especially for us can grow over time with the blogs however it would be good to have something in similiar headers without copying style completely as these can be taken from similiar favourite celebrity blogs – look at some of the highest ranking female celebrity blogs to achieve a good blog framework. Well this description has a lot of detail but if more is needed we can obviously talk or over message discuss as needed.

Posted On: December 22, 2017 12:48 UTC
ID: 212004631
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Country: Qatar
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