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players are physically in the same place playing with a board game. The app is the substitute for the dice. They answer questions and the speed and the correct answer defines their score from 1-6 to move the token on the boardgame. The first to reach the end line wins. So picking players is when more than one player work as a team in moving one token. I hope it’s is clear now. I will also include details of the app below.
The details of the app are:
The app is to be designed for educational purposes, it will be linked to a board game. The speed and correct answers define the player’s score. It involves:
– a barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the board game and then connect the devices together
-a tab inviting the user to insert name
– a screen showing the name of the players that scanned the barcode
– a screen showing the different categories that the players can choose from followed by:
      1 • a screen showing instructions and start button
       2• a 3 second countdown timer
       3• a screen showing a question with 4 possible answers ( this screen should measure time taken to answer the question)
       4• a screen giving a score from 1-6 based on time and correct answer and next and exit button ( then again another countdown timer and question)

-one of the categories should be others: this will proceed to a screen with login and sign up.
     • the login screen will invite the user to insert username and password then proceed to another screen viewing the question collections and a design button with another screen to insert questions and possible answers
     • the sign up screen will transmit the user to the website to subscribe to this service.

Posted On: December 24, 2017 01:22 UTC
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