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We would like to create  automatic short videos from an existing database of contents (text & images mainly).
Something similar to what Facebook does on your profile when celebrating your birthday or friendship anniversary (over an existing video frame pictures/texts available on your profile are shown and mixed together).
Our site lets people know what the world looked like in any date in the past: so for any date of the past 100 years. So for each date page ex. we’d like to create a short video displaying contents available on the page (es. artworks of most popular movies, title of songs, etc.).

1) Is there an existing technology enabling this (automatically creating videos with existing contents) ? Of course we can not affort to generate manually videos for over 40000 dates.

2) Are you avaiable to generate the  video frame where the contents of the page will be mixed in ? Ideally the video should be the video translation of the textual summary avaiable at the beginning of each page “It was Saturday, under the sign of Leo. The US president was Lyndon B. Johnson….”

Budget: $200
Posted On: December 31, 2017 17:30 UTC
ID: 212049541
Category: Design & Creative > Video Production
Skills: Video Editing, Video Post Editing, Video Production
Country: Italy
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