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December 31, 2017


Our names are Mark and Olena Skiba,

We are going live this spring with our marriage website,  and travel services.
1. The website,
We are seeking translators and interpreters to do translating services online.
a) Profiles are submitted by members,  and although they are auto translated into the opposite language,  the profiles are more of a paragraph structure versus single or two word answers.
Paragraphs need to be checked for proper translation and updated.
b) We will have a video chat function,  where a translator is needed,  or else, the male member wants a independent third party on the line to determine the sincerity of the woman he is communicating with.
1 a and b PRICE QUOTATION REQUESTED:    For these two purposes,  the city you are located in is not important,  so there could be a large amount of work available across the website,   please quote a per word charge to correct profile paragraph answers.   And a per minute charge to translate video conversations, with a 15 minute review with the man who ordered the live translation.
2. Local translation and guide services in your city.
As we expect to progress into summer 2018,  men will seek to come to your city to meet women in person that he had contacted on the website.
a) Before the man comes,  he may request that you check out the woman or women he is coming to meet in advance.  This maybe a simple phone call to the woman announcing his intent to come and meet her,  or the man may request that you meet the woman in person for coffee.  The purpose is for you to determine sincerity of the woman before he comes.
b) Airport pickup to hotel/apartment and reverse.
c) Once the man comes,  he will need translation services,  during dates with non-English speaking women.  He will need a sincerity evaluation from you after the date.  
d) If you have your own vehicle,  then this is plus,  but not necessary.
Per hour charge for these kinds of services.   Please quote car and driver if available separately.
Thank you,   Mark and Olena Skiba                       3870 Stelter Farm Drive, Bridgman, MI 49106

Posted On: December 31, 2017 19:24 UTC
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Country: United States
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