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Deadmail functionality – can be function or plugin.

Subscribed system users who’s email accounts are bouncing mails need to be prevented, to avoid issues with email compliance.

In the admin area Users > Extended there should be a Dead Mail button (see DEADMAIL1.png & DEADMAIL2.png).


On clicking the button ‘Dead Mail’ (DEADMAIL2.png) the admin receives a javascript confirmation / prompt ‘Are you sure you want to DeadMail this user?’. With buttons ‘Proceed’ and ‘Cancel’.

On clicking proceed, the plugin / function will perform the following:

1. Send the following message to the users site messenger:

Subject: “IMPORTANT: Your email account is deactivated”

“Dear Username

the email address on your account is currently not working. We have deactivated your account. You will no longer be able to receive any message notifications, replies or site updates.

Please update your account with a working email account, under Settings (the cog at the top of the page).

Many thanks

Gaia Support”

2. Flag the user account as DEADMAIL (DEADMAIL1.png)
3. Place a notification bar across the top of the page once a Dead Mail user logs in (see BAR1.png)
1. Notification bar should respect existing site CSS / menu bar, especially home page
4. Prevent any further system emails going out to that user:

1. Activity notifications
2. Message notifications
3. Reset password
4. Follow notifications
5. Any system email


On clicking ‘UnDead Mail’ (DEADMAIL1.png), the plugin function performs the following:

1. Flag the user account as active (not Dead Mail- see DEADMAIL2.png)
2. Remove notification bar
3. Allow the system to send mails to that user once again


Once a user with a deadmail flag changes their email address, the email confirmation should go to the new address. Upon confirmation of the email change, the deadmal flag should be lifted in the same way as ‘Performing UnDeadMail’ above.

Budget is negotiable.

Budget: $300
Posted On: January 03, 2018 11:26 UTC
ID: 212065360
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Website Development, WordPress
Country: Austria
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