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I’m creating a web-based application to collect and analyze standardized questionnaires. I am new to Zoho creator but have worked with Access and Java previously. I have made a small Zoho creator application and want to add some extra functionality to it. The function of the application is the following:
– Users sign up for their company as admin for their account, and can see all data provided into their account, but not for others
– When they sign up they accept an end-user agreement and fill in a form with customer information
– Admin can define “divisions” and “functions” related to the company
– Admins can add sub-users who have access only to sub-parts of the database that’s related to their “division” or “function” in the company
– All users can create “customers” in a form
– All users can select generate a questionnaire which is:
      – emailed to a non-registered user
       – emailed at a specified time
       – related to a customer in the list based on the customer form
       – related to a specific division and/or function
– These non-registered users can fill out the questionnaire one time, with numerical ratings
– The users can view a simple pivot chart report with the average value of the numerical rating for each question, filtered by customer

What is curently done in the application is the following:
– user registration form
– division and function form
– customer form
– questionnaire form, including converting radio buttons into integers
– Lookups between above forms

Posted On: January 13, 2018 08:58 UTC
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Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Other – Software Development
Skills: Zoho Creator
Country: Norway
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